SmaRF Solutions for smart businesses

We’re a software development company from Novi Sad (Serbia). We make custom software and in-house products that help SMEs become more efficient.

Read on and get to know us.


We’re based in a country the Economist described as a “place where the tech boom has happened”

Tech accounts for at least 6% of Serbia’s gdp. It employs some 45,000 people. Foreign firms have spent more than $500m on Serbian startups in the past six years. The University of Novi Sad (Serbia) counts 50,000 students.

This is the right spot to hire skilled workers and create tech solutions.

Experience + youth and energy

Panos Inzenjering, a leading TelCo company that has been present in 7 countries for 30 years, provides us with managerial and business support and consulting.

When working with us, you’ll experience startup-like enthusiasm combined with the manners (and guidance) of an experienced businessman.

Our mission

Our mission

To become a tech talent incubator

We cooperate with universities. We offer internships and help young people make their first steps in IT.

To be a socially responsible company

We take part in projects that help society progress.

To become a local symbol

We want to strengthen the cultural and business position of Novi Sad on the world map.
Our vision

Our vision

In 10 years, we wish to be a company known as a place where good ideas are above profit.

Tradition + innovation

We learn from well-established companies, but inject our values into work, too.

Human-to-human instead of B2B or B2C

We foster strong bonds with our clients.

Challenge + bravery to change something

We hire people and take on projects that challenge the “usual ways of doing business”.
Aleksandar Pantović

A word from the CEO

“Dear partners, I can’t promise you much at the moment because I’ve got a lot to prove.

But if you decide to work with us, I can guarantee that you’ll have a 30-year-long experience at your side, combined with youth, bravery and new ideas.”

Aleksandar Pantović,
CEO & Founder of SmaRF Solutions