3+3 reasons to outsource software development to Serbia

For outsourcing software development, Serbia has been constantly emerging as a top destination. Highly educated engineers, affordable rates, and similarities to Western culture make it a superb choice for companies wanting to create great software and reduce costs along the way.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common factors for picking Serbian companies, but also some that are perhaps less explored in the media.

Serbia has a well-educated workforce

Serbia has a strong emphasis on STEM education, producing a large pool of talented software developers. Many Serbian universities offer degree programs in computer science and software engineering. This has resulted in a highly skilled and educated workforce that can deliver top notch software solutions.

Lower costs of living result in cost-effective outsourcing for most companies

Outsourcing software development to Serbia can be cost-effective compared to other countries in Europe or the United States. The cost of living in Serbia is 51% lower than in the US, so labor costs are also lower. This makes it possible for companies to access high-quality talent at a lower cost than they would in other countries.

Cultural compatibility between Serbia and the West

Serbia’s cultural compatibility with Western European and North American countries can be seen in everyday life – from available products on the market to business acumen. Serbian developers speak fluent English (ranked 27th in the world) and are familiar with Western business practices. 

This cultural compatibility can help minimize communication barriers and ensure a smooth working relationship between outsourcing companies and their Serbian counterparts.

Yet, outsourcing to Serbia isn’t just about the savings

Serbia’s emergence as a top outsourcing destination for software development is not just based on its highly skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness, and cultural compatibility. Several other factors also contribute to Serbia’s success in the software development industry. 

We’ve already covered the importance of internal culture when picking the right vendor. Our nation’s resourcefulness is a great addition to any fast-growing company. In other words – we can make it happen with fewer resources than usual if it’s required.

Yet, there are more things to consider.

Geographic location and possibility of face-to-face meetings

One of these factors is Serbia’s geographic location. Serbia is situated in the heart of Europe, making it an ideal location for doing business with both Western and Eastern European countries. 

This location also makes it easy for Serbian software developers and business representatives to travel to other countries in the region, facilitating business meetings and face-to-face collaboration. This is highly valuable when you have branches in neighboring countries.

Pro-business environment in Serbia

Another factor is Serbia’s pro-business environment. In recent years, the Serbian government has made significant efforts to attract investment and create a favorable business environment. 

This includes a range of tax incentives and subsidies for foreign investors, as well as streamlined business registration procedures and reduced bureaucracy.

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Thriving tech community in Serbia

Serbia also has a thriving tech community, with a growing number of startups and established tech companies. 

This has created a strong ecosystem for software development, with a range of available resources and support services. 

For example, there are many co-working spaces, accelerators, and incubators in Serbia that provide support and mentorship to startups and tech companies.

Besides these factors, Serbia has a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant arts and music scene. This cultural variety adds to the nation’s uniqueness and inventiveness, which can be helpful resources for software development projects that demand creative ideas and modern solutions.

Benefit from a range of positive factors

Serbia’s success as an outsourcing destination for software development is based on a range of factors, including its skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness, cultural compatibility, geographic location, pro-business environment, thriving tech community, and rich cultural heritage. These factors suggest that Serbia’s software development industry is likely to continue to rapidly grow in the years ahead.

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